The Seed was planted in 1971

The true story of a young boy , his watch &
The 21 Watch Co
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A young boy ...

...was given a watch by his father, a watch he had wanted for more than 2 years. He was given a “divers” watch. It had a ring that turned to measure time elapsed, It was silver, it was heavy, it ticked, it glowed in the dark and it was a real mans divers watch. It had “21” jewels so would last forever, as his father explained what “jewels “ did  .  This was what he had dreamed of The watch was made by a company called Sicura in Switzerland it was as his dad said the best you can get.  It was so big the strap needed extra holes so he could wear it, even then it was ridiculously huge but to him it didn’t matter he had a watch.

The young boy loved his watch, he admired it at night when the lights went out, it was mechanical as was the only sort in this era.  It ticked and it had a heart beat or at least he thought it did, it was truly his new best friend he wore it with pride.

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Months went by ...

.... and the love just grew. His family moved to Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean to be closer to his father that now worked in Libya. He could now use it while swimming in the sea . He was just 8 years old and this place was heaven sun, sand and sea. He wore it daily and he loved it, he cleaned it to keep it like new as he already knew that was the way.


" He took diving lessons just to test his watch deep down "

Then one day the worst thing occurred, it just stopped. yes It just stopped .The little boy ran to his mum to see if she could fix it, but alas she could not, he ran to his room and just stared at it hoping it would come to life, he shook it and it just moved a few seconds and stopped again then it stopped totally. His mother followed him, and assured him it could be repaired and promised she would take it to the repairman the next day. The boy insisted he go with her after school and she agreed.

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Not a great day ...

 ...for learning as he had no idea of time and was not thinking about anything but his watch. The repair mans shop was a marvel called “Degios” in a place called Sliema in Malta,  the shop was covered in  watches and straps it was the place his watch would come back to life again, the man told the boy it would be looked in the next two days. The boy went home with his mother lonely but happy wanting two days to vanish. 

The day soon came, the day to get his watch. The boy was so excited, he ran to meet his mum at the school gates, they drove to the repair shop and he waited at the counter, his mother handed the repair man the ticket and the news came IT CANNOT BE REPAIRED the main spring is broken and we can’t get one !!!  Why ? The boy was told its too old !!

The boys face sank his mother looked at him and his lower lip quivered he held his dead watch as his mother paid the bill.  He shook the watch, he wound the winder, but it didn’t tick his watch was broken. The journey home was quiet and the boy tried to be brave but no matter what he did it didn’t work, his heart was broken along with the main spring of his watch.  The “21” Watch Company was a seed from this day forward.

Time went by ..

.. as the young boy thought long and hard about this. He decided it must never happen to him again. He figured the only way was to understand how all watches work. This was the seed of becoming a real engineer and how he thinks . He figured you can only make things work well if you understand them . The years that followed were riddled with his dismantling his toys and everyone else's, he used his dads tools, and when he could he bought his own. He took everything apart. His mother in attempt to make him happy let him carry on, but she was convinced that nothing would ever work again, to her surprise not only did he put it all back together making it work, but he made improvements by modifying what was broken and in some cases modifying when it was not broken. Little did he know his career was being formed, the toys became more expensive and  were no longer toys.

The young boy became a man, and he never forgot his first watch made by Sicura. The love for all watches grew along with his collection, not to mention  the money and time he spent on them. He took watches apart and studied each part , he bought everything needed to service movements, and perfected the art . He bought hundreds of budget mechanical watches to learn what cost cutting is being done and why . He started his first company in 1984 designing and manufacturing audio products at just 21 years old. This after his apprenticeship was complete at a time his love for music took hold.

 His Audio brand became world known by the time he sold the company. 

He continued to learn about watches each and every year along his successful journey never forgetting his first watch or his dads words.

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The "21" watch Company

The man now understands how watches tick, how they are made, as all watches should be, he understands the metals they are made of, and the type of seals that they use to protect the amazing mechanical machine inside. He understands the parts and processes used to make them. He knows most movements used ,and their failings. He knows what a good movement is and what an owner wants from it.  He understands the need it has to look good and function for as long as possible and sometimes the need to be different. He understands the statement a good watch makes about the person wearing it, but mostly he understands why the boy loved his first Divers watch, and why the man still does. Always loving the mechanical marvel of all watches bought, loved and learned from along his journey.

Everyone that buys a real watch should love it, it should never stop ticking or tell the owner the correct time. Watches should never kill the planet  by using millions of tons of deadly batteries and destructive plastic to make them. The watch must keep accurate track of our life, for many years without the need for service.  it should do this with a small marvel inside called the movement and the person that owns it just wearing it . For as long as they choose..


Our CEO was born to do this, and his dad planted the seed

" Time is how we measure our lives, treasure it

and the instruments you measure it with "


Thanks DAD I did it

  CEO - The  " 21 " Watch Company 2021


The Boy, the Sicura Watch,  with his chubby guinea pig - Pickles in 1971

The Sicura watch that started it all on the wrist of the boy that became a man that loved watches . 21 Watch co

A result of a father and a boy that had a common love for all things with great quality.


The 21 Watch Co - its about time

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