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Here is a taster ....

We are not a drop shipper, ( Dropshipper - A shipper that just get the product shipped from another company with their brand put on it ) we ship and design our own watches. You get the watch from us we check each one and we make sure its a 100% perfect for us ( Opps you too ) and we are in Europe ..Yes Europe !! so it takes days to get you watch, not months ( If its in stock but we do let you know before you pay ) and we are not selling via Amazon EVER so you will have to sign for it as we want our money and we know deserve it . You want you watch and you deserve it too

You want to know what our watch is like ...its coming soon , click below and scroll down its only for us to tell you about us . Hey join us on twitter too ..Yep it is really on .. The 21 watch Co 2021

The taster is if you like the watch [ and you will ] the first 25 to place an order, will get a great deal ...and our watch is really great value ...more can only be positive. Nothing to lose by clicking below , don't be shy we wont sell you details we hate that too. The 21 Watch co 2021.

If you subscribe you will get a sneak preview of the watch by E mail in July then if you like it you can order it