Why buy the "21" watch ?

 why not ? ..... this is what you should be asking .

21 Watch Co is a new watch company with a long history of development.  ( some would say too long )  passion drives all success ( Apple / Ford /Rolex / 21 ) so we are unashamedly designing new watches while using existing design cues of famous brands with great history  . We DO NOT copy others, we just accept historic and established designs are in many situations proven to be the best . 


Look at our watch, and decide for yourself if you are individual enough to make the statement that the watch counts not the brand , value matters more than marketing methods . Why pretend to reinvent the wheel when others have done it already lets work smart ,

Lets just make the wheel run better and last longer.


We should explain why our brand is really awesome, but more than this why our watches are. We will explain our journey and the mistakes we made, mistakes you will never see others admit too.  We will let you decide if we fit with your ideas of agreat sea watch.


A watch you can wear and wear and wear and and wear etc etc etc ..

We launch with just one watch " yes just one watch"  we know how long it took to get just one right so only we only have one watch but its a great watch so are you ready ?

The 21 Watch Company ..getting it right from evolution is our mission .

The Watch

We knew from day one that the only type of watch we consider a real watch is a mechanical automatic watch. A watch for men , that were once boys . Men that love watches

We knew that it had to be a divers watch, and we knew it had to be great value. We knew it had to be cool, and we knew it had to be a daily watch not a safe queen, we knew it could not cost a fortune, and we knew we would make sure it didn't . We knew most divers use a dive computer, so we made the watch great at telling the time and being a watch to wear .

What we didn't know is how we were going to do it, until we did it - Click below

Watch Gears Big Modified.jpg